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Myphotoagency was the first photography agency certified by Google in France . It was 4 years ago when we launched the virtual tour of stores, hotels, and offices to show on the Google search engine. The professional photographers of Myphotoagency have been trained and equipped to perfom virtual tours, this is why Myphotoagency is able to offer a high-quality service including virtual tours, done with a HD camera. This expertise can help real estate agencies, hotels, retail brands and companies who wish to make people visit their premises virtually.

We are lucky to work with   THESE CLIENTS


Virtual tours of offices, warehouses and other places for business and marketed by Nexity in France
See virtual tour


Thousand of 360° virtual tours of property sold by Foncia agent in France
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Creation of a Matterport virtual tour for integration on the Twins website and the Google My Business page of the concept store.
See virtual tour

What’s a virtual tour?

Also called “Street View“ or “360° view“, a virtual tour allows someone to visit a space virtually, from his/her computer, without having to travel to the location.  Are you looking for a nice hotel for your next holiday? I’m sure you’d love to have a peak at the facilities of the hotel before you go! The lobby, the restaurant, the rooms, the swimming pool, the breakfast …immerse yourself in the hotel before even visiting! 


How does a virtual tour work ?

After watching this demo, I’m sure you are wondering,  how do we create this virtual tour?
In brief, we gather a number of panoramic images linked by arrows on the ones the virtual visitors can click to visit the space. To create these panoramic images, we put the camera on a tripod. Then, we take 4 different photos with an angle of 90°, to obtain a 360° tour.

Some software/apps allow to automatically create these panoramic photos today.
A person is still needed to position the arrows but the post-production takes now 3 times less than before. Now the virtual tour is created, we need to host it on a server. Then, it will be available via an url, so that you can embed it directly on your website.


What are the different types of virtual tours ?

​Today there are 3 different types:

The Google virtual tour: the one that will be referenced on Google search engine and that can be made only via the Google post-production tool. The benefits: it allows a much better Search Engine Optimisation and that is priceless. The drawbacks: the post-production is quite complicated to do and imposed by Google, and the validation process is usually very slow until the final version can be viewed online.

The HD virtual tour : the original one: the one with amazing quality and that requires professional equipment. Its benefits: the image quality and the precision. Its drawbacks: the cost of the equipment and the complex post-production.

​The mobile virtual tour : the one that we can make with a smartphone in a few minutes. Its benefits: the low cost, the easy use and the speed of execution. Its drawbacks: the limited quality



To choose the type of virtual tour that suits your project the best, Myphotoagency may recommend the mobile one for the real estate properties. For retail stores, the Google virtual tour may be the best option in order to improve your SEO. Do you have any question? Need some advice? Send us an email to or call us at 020 3445 5512 . We will always offer the best solution for your virtual tour projects anywhere in Europe !

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