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To highlight your boutiques, your shopping centres, your beauty salons , your gyms, Myphotoagency has an amazing network of professional photographers specialized in indoor photography. Trained on special techniques and equipped with the right gear for wide angle photo shoot , our professional photographers will know how to highlight your premises.

We are lucky to work with   THESE CLIENTS


Photo shoots of new & renovated Sandro stores all around the world
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Photo shoots of Levi's shop in France during events
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Photo shooting openings and renovations of Sephora outlets throughout Europe.
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Photo shoots of cafes and restaurants
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Photoshoots for all new openings of Lush boutiques all over Europe.
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Optical Center

Photo shoots of stores across Europe
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Le Chef

Monthly photo shoots of restaurants with Michelin stars
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Keep Cool

Photo shoots and virtual tours of gyms
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Photo shoots of Generali's agencies around Europe for the mini-websites of the network: front + indoor + teams photos + portraits of general agents
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Claudie Pierlot

Photo shoots of Claudie Pierlot stores in Europe
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Photo shoots of 100 car showrooms and corporate headshots
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Wave of photoshoots of Lapeyre points of sale renovated throughout the territory and structured around front + interior photos and portraits of store managers.
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Shooting photos of Miele Group points of sale in Europe.
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Professional photography is now!

Do you have a large volume of restaurants or retail stores?
To enrich the online customer experience, to increase the drive-to-store conversion or your SEO, you will need these professional photos!

Do you own stores?
If you make all the efforts to make your stores nice but don’t advertise it, the majority of your clients won’t know it.p>


A few tips to make your property photo shoot successful

Here are a few rules to obtain high quality photos

Make sure you tidy up your premises before the arrival of the photographer

Make sure you pick a day when the sun is out to make the photos look nicer

Make sure you put all your promotion visuals away so your photos don’t get obsolete quickly.

Make sure your photo shoot happens before the opening or after the closing of the store, so nobody will appear on the photos. If you decide to have people appear in the photos, please make sure they give their consent.


Who should I ask for my professional photo shoots?

Myphotoagency of course! Thanks to their network of 3,500 professional photographers and their 6-year experience in retail, restaurant and gym photography, Myphotoagency will always be happy to help you to get your professional indoor and outdoor photos taken. For either an one-off photo shoot or regular photo shoots through the year, we have the best solution to get high quality photos at a fair or by phone at 020 3445 5512

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