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Professional photography is key for your social media! It helps increase your brand awareness & improve your online communication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social network. 
And it's also great to engage with your social community!

We are lucky to work with   THESE CLIENTS


Beauty packshot photography for Givenchy Beauty Facebook and Instagram
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Coca Cola Light Taste

Artistic direction, production and post-production of recurring photo shoots for the Coca Light Taste social media.
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Leroy Merlin

Monthly photo shoots of Leroy Merlin customers' projects and houses
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Production of staged packshots and still lifes of Kellogg's products for the brand's social media outlets and the group's communication supports in Europe.
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Still photography of products for Sandro social media
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Just Eat

Design, shooting and editing of still food photos for Just Eat campaigns
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B&B Hotels

Recurring thematic shootings for the production of photos for social media and website of B&B Hotels.
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Fuze Tea

Solution. 360° photo content production for Fuze Tea's social media.
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Realization from A to Z of still lifes dedicated to the social media of Honest in Europe.
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Production of professional photos for Smartwater's social media outlets: definition of artistic direction, styling, stage design, shooting organization, image post-production, file delivery.
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Production of original photo content for all Pringles brand web and print communication media in Europe.
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Be active on digital media with professional photography

Being active on social media is key today, to be able to control your brand image , and increase your brand awareness. The web is a true window that reflects the activity of the companies and a way to acquire new clients. Showcasing your activity and highlighting your values has become essential. An inactive Facebook page could damage your brand image. Your social media needs to be one of your strengths! 

So why don’t you put professional photography at the core of your online communication and integrate it in your digital strategy?  ?it will be the first element that visitors will pay attention to. A beautiful image will make a real impact and will be remembered. Therefore it is key to post photos regularly on your social media. They will be more attractive. Be creative! !


Our advice: build a long-term visual strategy

For people to remember your photos, don’t post them randomly. You have to be coherent and consistent, and build a global and long-term digital strategy. Do you sell several types of products?  ? Every single product must be showcased on social media. Do you wish to create a fun brand identity and close to your community?  ? Share some fun team photos to bring a human touch. Make your content speak for itself with professional photography.
A few ideas to use your professional photos properly on social media

The interactivity : don’t hesitate to ask questions to visitors when you post a photo. You ask for their advice, feedback or offer to play a game. If they like the photo, they will catch their eyes and they will be more likely to play the game.

Live communication : if you organize an event, try to organize a photo shoot and post your photos in live on social media, such as a live tweet. It will bring a dynamic and human touch.  ! There is nothing better to keep in touch with your visitors.

Still life photography  : do you sell products? Find a professional photographer who will know how to showcase them. You will then have some beautiful images available that will allow you to animate your social networks. .


We have professional photographers for your social media.

Do you wish to optimize your online communication with professional photos?  ? Contact us by email or by phone at 020 3445 5512. We will help you find the best photographers for your projects. and we will help you build your visual brand identity  especially for your social media .  

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