Why Myphotoagency ?

Founded in 2012, Myphotoagency offersthe largest network of professional photographers in Europe with more than 3 500 members. Thanks to the diversity of this community, Myphotoagency is able to address any kind of photo shoot request regardless of your location, your budget or your timeframe




Thanks to its large presence, Myphotoagency is the only company being able to automate the production of its photo shoots worldwide. We offer a unique price per project and we guarantee outstanding results.

+100 000 photo shoots per year
950 photographers

100 photo shoots of real estate projects every year
40 photographers

500 retail photo shoots shot every year
100 photographers

300 hotel photo shoots
90 photographers

daily photo shoots in the UK
75 photographers

Monthly photo shoots with our clients
150 photographers

The online portal to book your photo shoots

Thanks to our online portal for photo shoot booking, Myphotoagency is able to automate and digitalise every single step of a photo shoot project, even for a large volume of requests. This online portal is fully integrated with the CRM system of our clients. Many market leaders already enjoy this Myphotoagency online portal


The client books a photo shoot in only 1 clic !

The booking request is sent to all the professional photographers of Myphotoagency

The first photographer who accepts the requestreceives the contact details of the client to schedule the date and time of the photo shoot

The photo shoot is done and the photos are retouched within 24h

The client receives an email with a link to download the photos

The client may rate the photographer’s work

We guarantee outstanding results

 the style

Organisation of a first photo shoot to define the specifics (angle, light, depth, format of the photo, etc...)

 The specifications

Definition of the specifications according to the client’s requests, to guarantee consistent and outstanding results

 Photo shoot organisation

Contact with a Myphotoagency photographer to schedule an appointment for the photo shoot.

 the deliverables

Retouching of the photos and upload of final HD files on the online portal dedicated to the client. The download and sharing of photos is quick and easy.


A dedicated team member for all your projects

According to your needs, Myphotoagency has photographers with a wide expertise

Because every photographer has different skillsMyphotoagency offers a custom-made solution for every request However you will always have the same dedicated team member for all your projects!