Our team is dedicated, motivated, determined and always here to help. We are happy to work along with our clients and we love to take on challenges! We like to debate, help each other and share ideas. We also love to dance and share a good glass of wine!


We love to do our best to always guarantee a high client satisfaction.


Sarah is the one who gives a structure to Myphotoagency. She loves processes, tools, procedures and to have a vision. She is the one who organises and manages the team. The team and the photographers are well organised and efficient, so that we always get the best results.

Her nickname is

They would sell ice to eskimos!


Dan is always in a good mood. He is the finance master. He knows exactly how many shootings have been booked and done every day, how many photographers need to be paid, etc. And he loves developing the business, so he spends his time travelling to go visit our lovely clients!

His nickname
Smurf joker


Project Director

Nina is a hard-worker. She arrives early and she leaves late. Her phone rings all the time. It is usually a photographer calling. They all know Nina. And the clients call her too, in order to find a solution to a problem. And she always has a smile on her face!

Her nickname

Project Director

Samya is the person that all managers would love to have in their team. She is fully dedicated, and she always has ideas to share. So, the clients love her!

Her nickname
Gossip girl


Project manager and head of the photographers' community

Nicolas is the cool guy, always a smile on his face. It is a pleasure to work with him daily. He is patient, listens to clients and photographers and finds solutions without stressing out.

His nickname
Super Mario

Key Accounts Manager

The Charmer


International project manager

Tessa, she’s super relaxed. Never stressed, very well organized, she makes sure that all the photo shoots ordered are perfectly coordinated! And she is not afraid of the jet lag ;) Worldwide, Tessa is happy to follow our photographers and clients on all their projects.

Her nickname
The multilingual trotter

Business Developper

Champion seed


Project Manager

Bianca is the office blabbermouth. She spends her days on the phone with real estate agents and photographers. And when she hangs up, it's with her colleagues that she loves to chat. Sparkling, always cheerful, she redoubles her efficiency so that all the real estate shootings ordered are carried out with reactivity and quality. She's our little jewel from Marseille!

She was nicknamed "Mrs. Chatty"


We’d follow them to the end of the world !

Project manager

From Monday to Friday, from morning to evening, Mélina is always in a good mood! And that's a pleasure, both for clients and photographers, as well as for those who have the chance to share their daily lives at the office. Always with a smile, determined to do her best to meet everyone's expectations, Mélina is a great ambassador for Myphotoagency in Germany!

She has been nicknamed
The A Student

Italy Country Manager

Raphaël is the guy that everyone loves in a company. He is always motivated and ready to move faster to reach his objectives. With his Mediterranean smile, he is a big asset for our Italian market!

His nickname
Mister Energy

Key Accounts Manager

Coming straight from Montevideo through Miami, Fabiana is a personality you can't pass by! Full of energy, willful, versatile, smiling, she is ready to take up all the challenges entrusted to her. On a daily basis, she works with great determination to convince our British neighbours to trust Myphotoagency for their audiovisual productions. And it seems that her charm does not only work in our offices!

She has been nicknamed
The ray of sunshine


They always do their best to make your life easy !

Lead Developer

Jonathan is the nice geek! He doesn’t speak much but it is pleasant to have him around. He receives many requests from the team everyday but he always finds a solution to every problem! !

His nickname
Champion of hunger-strike

Lead Developer

Franck has taken over the Myphotoagency IT with all his might. Where we come from, where we are, where we're going, he leads the way with agility and a little authority :) We're fans of his ability to translate html into English. His leitmotiv: to spread the word about his work and never do anything without explaining it. And always having his magic toolbox under the keyboard to structure everything.

The Lifeguard


Chief Accountant

Every day, it's a great discovery Caroline ! With her, there's no way that 1£ goes unbilled, otherwise there'll be trouble. We optimise and rationalise. She's our accounting fairy who does not miss a thing. With her experience, her perseverance, her organisation and her good moo, she has found her place in our team.

Box of Surprises

Graphic Designer

Social network creations, newsletter templates, customer presentations, animated GIFs, video editing... Eleonore can do it all and she does it with a lot of talent. What she prefers above all is to draw the characters of our universe thanks to her talent as an illustrator who never fails to take us on board.

Illus Addict

Artistic Director

Amandine has been in charge of our visual identity since the creation of Myphotoagency. She knows how to bring new ideas to the table and to surprise us. Thanks to her, we have the best communication tools for our clients and our photographers.

Her nickname
Flash Gordon