In seven years, Myphotoagency has built a trustworthy relationship with more than 3,500 photographers everywhere in Europe. And this is our success. . We work with this network of talented professional photographers daily to answer the requests of our clients.


Some photographers have joined Myphotoagency a few years ago and some more recently. Everyday we are getting better at what we do with the number of clients growing and the number of photo shoots. With some photographers, we work on a daily basis. With time, we have learnt to pick and choose the ones we really want to work with long-term. And we assign these ones only for the projects of our dear clients


Barcelona, Spain

"My work with Myphotoagency has been really amazing for my career. Myphotoagency keeps calling me for various projects and it allows me to work on new kinds of missions. We have a trustworthy relationship and it matters a lot to me."

Munchen, Germany

"It has always been a pleasure to work with such a professional, reactive and listening team. Thanks you Myphotoagency!"

Roma, Italia

" I am very happy to work with Myphotoagency. They offered me lots of missions that allowed me to become a specialist in what I do. Myphotoagency brings new solutions to photographers.

Antibes, France

"What I really appreciate and enjoy about my work at Myphotoagency is the human contact and the great number of photo shoots they offered me to do."

Lisbon, Portugal

" Thanks to my work with Myphotoagency, I had the opportunity to develop my skills in many new different fields in a dynamic, free and very professional environment. I have the chance to work as a photographer with an agency that gives me new daily misssions and new challenges. 

Madrid, Spain

"The collaboration with Myphotoagency made me learn more deeply about architecture, property and food photography. Thanks to them, I have the opportunity to meet different types of companies, listen to their requests and deliver the best photos. Moreover, the app makes it easy to talk to clients and upload photos."

Paris, France

" I am one of the first photographers who worked with Myphotoagency, so I had the oppotunity to see them grow. We have an amazing relationship I have to say and as an artist, I feel lucky to be trusted in my work. They are very responsive and do their best to create a bond between the photographers via emails, friendly calls and fun events. 

Bristol, United Kingdom

" An efficient and successful collaboration with Myphotoagency! We all win : companies have access to a large network of photographers selected and managed by Myphotoagency to do all their projects, and the photographers earn a regular income, reputation and skills by carrying interesting professional projects"

Brussels, Belgium

" With Myphotoagency, I had the opportunity to do great missions such as campaigns for the tube stations, a photo shoot for a cosmetic company or executive director headshots for a global company. They make all discussions with clients easy and smooth. It has been very pleasant working with them from the beginning and see my business grow at the same time! "

Catania, Italy

" Myphotoagency is a hard-working and competent agency of photographers. My work with this friendly team will be a major boost for my carrer as a photographer."